Video and Audio Series

I Can’t Do This

Contributor: John Mark Kuhns | Length : 16 | File type : Video

When students tell you they can't do something, what are they really saying? What's behind the expression of defeat? John Mark suggests three possibilities and how to respond: The student may be ... Read More

Introduction to Diverse Learners: Trauma

Contributor: Becky Bollinger | Length : 16 | File type : Video

Not all learning disabilities are internal or genetic. Traumatic experiences like neglect, violence, or injury can physically alter a child's brain, making it difficult for to behave and learn normall... Read More

Introduction to Diverse Learners: Autism Spectrum Disorder

Contributor: Becky Bollinger | Length : 12 | File type : Video

In this installment of the diverse learners series, Becky gets into the complex world of autism—what it is, how it manifests, and how to address challenging behaviors caused by autism. Ultimately, B... Read More

Introduction to Diverse Learners: ADHD

Contributor: Becky Bollinger | Length : 22 | File type : Video

ADHD is one of the more recognizable acronyms in the field of learning disabilities. It also tends to be misunderstood and misrepresented in popular discourse, used as often to joke about one's inabil... Read More

Achievement Parties: Motivating Your Students to do Their Best

Contributor: Deana Swanson | Length : 6 | File type : Video

The best kind of student motivation is intrinsic to the process of learning, but sometimes students need an additional incentive to inspire that extra push toward excellence. What if you could offer h... Read More

Music Gold: Vocal Training for Children in Every Grade

Contributor: Jeff Swanson | Length : 12 | File type : Video

Good singing habits start early, but they need to be maintained with regular practice. In this video, Jeff Swanson draws on his years of music teaching experience to highlight some practices, tips, an... Read More

Dyslexia: An Explanation for Kids

Contributor: Meghan Brubaker | Length : 9 | File type : Video

Dyslexia is a complex learning disorder that can be difficult for children suffering from it to understand. This video from Meghan Brubaker breaks down and explains dyslexia in simple language and eas... Read More

After-school Workflow: Maintaining a Sustainable Workload

Contributor: Caleb Martin | Length : 3 | File type : Video

A typical school day might end mid-afternoon, but the teacher's workday is far from over. In this video, Caleb Martin shares some practical tips for staying focused, efficient, and productive after th... Read More

Introduction to Diverse Learners: Dyslexia

Contributor: Becky Bollinger | Length : 13 | File type : Video

The second of a five-part video series by Becky Bollinger on diverse learners and learning disabilities, this video focuses on dyslexia. Becky explains what dyslexia is and is not, how it affects the ... Read More

Helping Students Think as Anabaptists through Teaching Math Logic and Science

Contributor: Pete Peters | File type : Audio

In this talk given at Faith Builders Teacher's Week 2010, Pete Peters speaks about the importance of respecting the 'hard sciences' as reflecting God's truthfulness and consistency. There is perhaps l... Read More