Elementary Assistant

Hampden Christian School is a mission school in Baltimore, MD, serving middle-class families and children ages infant – 8th grade. We are needing an elementary assistant to move here and start work August 31. Our enrollment for this fall has grown significantly, from 19 to 31 in the elementary. We have a large (for us) incoming kindergarten and first and second grade. Thankfully, we have filled all of our homeroom teacher positions with experienced teachers, a plus for the person coming in as assistant.The assistant we are looking for does not need to have previous teaching experience, but needs to be at least 20 years of age. The assistant would be teaching some reading and math classes in 2nd and 3rd grade and helping other teachers as needed. The assistant would supervise some recesses and be in charge of before and after care for students that are signed up for extended care. We’re an elementary school and daycare right here in Hampden, a middle-class neighborhood in Baltimore.  Our school has about 40 kids in daycare/preschool ages 0 – 4 and about 30 in elementary K – 8th.  This is a very secular and non-Christian community, and people don’t expect to see Mennonites here. Our mission is to live real Christianity out in front of our neighbors and our school patrons, build relationships with them for the purpose of bringing them to Christ. We’ve got a tremendous opportunity to do that because we have so much contact with people. I live smack between two neighbors and almost every time we go in our backyard we can have a conversation with one of them. We’re lucky to have nice neighbors. In school, we have 35 – 40 patron families, bringing their children to us every day for a full day of life-on-life nurturing and teaching with our teachers. It is an incredible opportunity. Our staff of mostly ladies, about 15 of them, live a fairly independent life. Our goal is for YOU to become a part of the neighborhood through your own hospitality and interaction with the neighbors. So you get your own house to share with other staff—all houses are spread throughout the neighborhood but within walking distance of the school.  Evenings after school are mostly free. Weekends are mostly free as well—you can travel, but we encourage you to stay here in Baltimore as much as possible so you can get to know people.  

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