School Teacher Wanted for a family in Leticia, Colombia

Primary responsibility would be tutoring a 7 year old boy(Marcus)and some physical therapy as well as teaching/coaching some classes for two older children. Ages 10(JoLia) and 12(Brenton). You would be given enough teaching responsibility to fill a normal school day. Outside of that you should have enough time to invest in the local community and gain foreign experience. The time frame is somewhat flexible. We are hoping to start school about the end of August and run for about 9 months. We would like to include flying the teacher back to her family in the middle of the school year for up to 3 weeks. The teacher could fly back to Colombia with us on our return trip about August 24. Housing: We are hoping to rent an apartment that is within 100 yards form our house. There is an elderly lady that lives in a large gated property with this apartment we are looking at for the teacher. We are hoping the location of the schooling could take place outside the home and the distractions there.  

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