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Leading and Chairing Meetings
Publication Date: 2017-03-27 | File type: Audio

Effective team meetings and business meetings are crucial to the success or challenges of a church and/or ministry. This session Read More...

Lifetime Career in Ministry
Publication Date: 2017-03-27 | File type: Audio

Similar to other careers more of our mission organizations could benefit by long term commitments of its workers. This workshop will Read More...

Healing the Heart Issues of Ministry Personnel (Amos Esh)
Publication Date: 2015-03-20 | File type: Audio

Frequently young people, couples, and families arrive on the mission field with heart wounds from early childhood. Ministry moves along Read More...

Cooperation, Not Competition
Publication Date: 2013-03-14 | File type: Audio

All of our conservative Anabaptist NPOs are involved in Kingdom work. All of our work is significant when done for Read More...

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