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Where to Find Teachers
Publication Date: 2018-03-02 | File type: Audio

Finding teachers: it is a constant effort for many schools. Drawing on years of experience as an educator and CLE Read More...

CLE Curriculum: Enabling Ministries around the World
Publication Date: 2017-03-24 | File type: Video

In a talk from REACH 2017, Elmer Glick describes how Christian Light is serving schools and homeschools around the world. Read More...

By Love, Serve One Another (Elmer Glick)
Publication Date: 2015-12-31 | File type: Audio

“Service without love is empty,” Elmer reminds us, but the Lord calls us to “by love serve one another.” Courtesy Read More...

If Ye Know These Things... (Elmer Glick)
Publication Date: 2014-12-31 | File type: Audio

Elmer reviews the workshops in the 2014 CLE workshop tour. Courtesy Christian Light Education (CLE). Pass it on:

What Your Teachers Wish You Knew
Publication Date: 2013-03-01 | File type: Audio

For school board members, straight from the mouths of teachers. Courtesy CASBI. Pass it on:

Geometry and Thinking Skills (Elmer Glick)
Publication Date: 2012-12-31 | File type: Audio

Elmer encourages an appetite for geometry and the glory it can bring to God. Courtesy Christian Light Education (CLE). Pass Read More...

Let This Mind Be In You (Elmer Glick)
Publication Date: 2012-12-31 | File type: Audio

If we have problems, the example of Christ offers answers. If things are going well, we can prevent future problems Read More...

Harmonious Home and Church Leadership (Elmer Glick)
Publication Date: 2011-12-31 | File type: Audio

Harmony in leadership and relationships comes from a wholesome view of authority. Elmer examines biblical principles that govern human relationships Read More...

Why Read? (Elmer Glick)
Publication Date: 2011-12-31 | File type: Audio

Reading develops good writers, and good writers are needed to spread the gospel. Elmer urges parents and teachers to read Read More...

Adequate Financial Support for Teachers
Publication Date: 2010-03-05 | File type: Audio

Elmer addresses board members as a teacher’s advocate. He suggests its time to place a higher value on the important Read More...

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