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Theology: Who Is God?
Publication Date: 2000-10-01 | File type: Audio

Although we do not know everything about God, we can know Him. Milo encourages us to enter into His revelation. Read More...

Discipling Students
Publication Date: 2000-08-10 | File type: Audio

The discipleship we give others is shaped by our convictions and commitments. What do you believe, and what do you Read More...

The Educational Philosophy of Jesus Christ
Publication Date: 2000-06-01 | File type: Audio

Milo addresses Christ’s philosphy of education from the gospel of John. Knowing what is true, says Milo, depends on fellowship Read More...

Teaching from the Abundant Life
Publication Date: 1999-01-10 | File type: Audio

What is the source of the abundant life, and how do we live and teach from it? As we find Read More...

Developing Compassion
Publication Date: 1999-01-10 | File type: Audio

The students who are the most difficult to deal with are the ones who need our compassion the most. In Read More...

Discipleship: Life on Life
Publication Date: 1998-03-22 | File type: Audio

Real discipling calls for time, energy, and surrender – but it is the only way towards healthy communities. Milo describes Read More...

Loving in the Household of God
Publication Date: 1997-03-08 | File type: Audio

The children we teach or parent are really God’s. Milo challenges us to love them in His name. Courtesy FBEP. Read More...

The Triumph of Revealed Truth
Publication Date: 1997-01-10 | File type: Audio

How do Christian science teachers relate to the teaching of evolution that now dominates education? The answer is in a Read More...

Teacher Apprenticing
Publication Date: 1996-08-06 | File type: Audio

Milo outlines the vision for Christian teaching: to disciple others to live biblical Christianity. Milo describes this in the context Read More...

The Anabaptist View of Salvation
Publication Date: 1993-01-10 | File type: Audio

Milo compares the descriptions several theologians and churches have advanced concerning sin and salvation. He explains that, in the historical Read More...

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