Piper Burdge

Piper Burdge is a teacher and curriculum writer at Faith Builders.

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Must-Reads Book List
Publication Date: 2020-08-15 | File type: Curricular

The compilers chose for this list books recognized as timeless classics, or books that form values or expand the minds Read More...

The Swedish Method: One Way to Study the Bible with Your Students
Publication Date: 2020-03-25 | File type: Teaching Material

In Bible class, you read a passage together. Then what? In the document below, Piper adapts a simple but effective Read More...

Women Who Said Yes
Publication Date: 2019-03-22 | File type: Teaching Material

Saying “yes” to God changes people. Encounter the stories of two women who said yes to God’s call to serve Read More...

The Math They See, the Math They Use: Demonstrating Concepts with Math Manipulatives
Publication Date: 2018-11-15 | File type: Video

In math, we expect students to memorize steps and learn processes with the hope that they will understand the concepts Read More...

Student-to-Student Feedback: Why and How Should You Teach It?
Publication Date: 2017-10-14 | File type: Video

How can we equip young people to engage constructively at home, at work, and in church? Piper found that training Read More...

Panel: God's Word Shaping Our Teaching
Publication Date: 2016-08-01 | File type: Audio

How do we integrate Scriptures in math, science, and history classes? A panel of four teachers challenge and encourage their Read More...

World Geography Infographic Syllabus
Publication Date: | File type: Teaching Material

An infographic-style syllabus and editable template (PowerPoint) for a junior high world geography course. Download the syllabus now or view Read More...

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