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Evangelism in the First Three Centuries
Publication Date: 2019-03-22 | File type: Teaching Material

Stephen Russell looks at the record found in the New Testament, various early church writers, and even in pagan writers Read More...

Nonresistance and the Gospel
Publication Date: 2017-03-27 | File type: Audio

As Christendom disintegrates around us, we Anabaptists have a unique opportunity to awaken other Christians to the truth of nonresistance Read More...

The Mennonite Experience in the 18th and 19th Centuries
Publication Date: 2003-03-01 | File type: Audio

Beginning with an encouragement to read the primary sources of Anabnaptist history, Stephen urges us to view modern challenges with Read More...

Panel Discussion on Mennonite History
Publication Date: 2003-03-01 | File type: Audio

How do we reconcile our traditional stance on nonresistance with all the unrest, splits, and hatred in our churches today? Read More...

History: Meaning and Direction
Publication Date: 2000-10-01 | File type: Audio

Stephen compares the Bible’s practice of history with the descriptions that Greek, Roman, and German historians gave of the subject. Read More...

Church and Mennonite History
Publication Date: 2000-08-11 | File type: Audio

Stephen encourages us to keep alive the story of our past. Courtesy FBEP. Pass it on:

God Rules in the Affairs of Men
Publication Date: 1999-08-07 | File type: Audio

Though many times his ways are shrouded in mystery, God is always at work in the world. Stephen encourages us Read More...

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