Stephen Scott

Stephen Scott (12 April 1948 – 28 December 2011) was an American writer on Anabaptist subjects, especially on Old Order and Conservative groups. Stephen Scott was born in Portsmouth, Ohio, and grew up in Beavercreek, Ohio. He attended Cedarville College and Wright State University, both in the state of his birth. Being a pacifist he did alternative service at Lancaster Mennonite School starting in 1969. From 1979 to 1980 he taught at Clearview Mennonite School. Starting in 1984 he worked for twelve years for "Good Books" and "The People's Place" in Intercourse, Pennsylvania. In early 1997 he was hired at the Young Center for Anabaptist and Pietist Studies where he worked until his death. He wrote mainly on the history, lifestyle, customs, and beliefs of the Amish and both the Old Order and the Conservative Mennonites. His book "An Introduction to Old Order and Conservative Mennonite Groups" is an important source on both Old Order Mennonites and also on Conservative Mennonites and still is an often cited book. He was a member of the Old Order River Brethren. -Wikipedia:

3 Contributions

Panel Discussion on Mennonite History
Publication Date: 2003-03-01 | File type: Audio

How do we reconcile our traditional stance on nonresistance with all the unrest, splits, and hatred in our churches today? Read More...

The Conservative Mennonite Church in 2003
Publication Date: 2003-03-01 | File type: Audio

Stephen describes the several streams of Anabaptists that comprise conservative Anabaptism in the 21st century. He closes with a parable Read More...

The Contemporary Mennonite Church in America: An Appraisal
Publication Date: 2003-03-01 | File type: Audio

Stephen presents a paper on the wider Mennonite world in North America, focusing on those not part of the self-described Read More...

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