ADHD Checklist

This checklist is similar to what a doctor would give to parents and teachers to assist in determining an ADHD diagnosis. It is not a formal diagnostic tool in itself. The front is for the hyperactive/impulsive type of ADHD; the back is for the inattentive type of ADHD (formerly known as ADD).

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2 months ago

What is the next step if one of my students matches up to the ADHD checklist? Is there some simple fixes?

Becky Bollinger

2 months ago

Great question! I think it is helpful to think of ADHD as a description of behaviors (rather than a diagnosis). In light of that, it is important to consider what is causing the behavior challenges. They could stem back to anxiety, attachment difficulties, or a chemical imbalance/neurological difference. The behaviors could be a way to cope with academic challenges or a response to an unstructured classroom environment or unrealistic expectations. Behaviors are complex, so there is not a “simple fix” or quick solution, necessarily. However, there are lots of strategies that you could try that could help make the behaviors more manageable. At this link, there is a video where I describe what ADHD is and give some tips for how to respond:

Introduction to Diverse Learners: ADHD
I’d also recommend the book, “Managing ADHD in School” by Russell Barkley. He offers a lot of practical strategies and methods for teachers to implement at school.

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