Computer-Assisted Geometric Experiments

Wingeom is a powerful tool for creating geometrical diagrams. The user can make a diagram and then quickly see what happens as points are moved. Wingeom makes it easy to measure lengths, angles, and areas. Wingeom can locate special points in triangles, draw special circles associated with triangles, draw conic sections, and perform dilations, translations, and rotations.

Nothing can replace the educational benefits of physically using a straightedge and compass. However, computer software enables us to rapidly perform geometric experiments. These activities make use of the free program Wingeom. It is recommended that an instructor work through an activity before assigning the activity to students. While doing the activity, he should make an answer key. Some of the answers can vary significantly depending on how points are placed in the diagram. Other answers should be the same (or almost the same) for every student. The instructor should indicate on the answer key the distinction between the types of answers.

The zip file also includes a PDF with instructions for more than twenty geometry activities.

Wingeom was created by the late Richard Parrish. The author had granted permission for the free distribution of the program. Thanks to John Goering for submitting Wingeom to The Dock. For other software by Richard Parrish, see the archived Peanuts Software page.

Wingeom is a portable program: it runs when opened without requiring installation.

Download and extract Wingeom.exe with instructions

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