Living History Threads Worksheets

Libby made these worksheets to go with five Threads booklets written and published by Faith Builders. She writes, “My school (in Ireland) couldn’t afford the whole curriculum, so I just purchased the booklets and then divided them into lessons and made worksheets for them, as a church history study. The worksheets are probably about 3rd grade level (could be used by any lower grade, I would say, according to teacher discretion.)

The books and divisions are as follows:

  • The Early Church—4 lessons.
  • Medieval Church and the Bible—5 lessons.
  • Anabaptist Beginnings—6 lessons.
  • Mennonites in the Netherlands and Russia—8 lessons.
  • Revival and Missions—8 lessons.

Each student will need to create a timeline at the beginning of The Early Church, which they add on to as they proceed throughout the booklets. They will each also occasionally need access to maps similar to (or copies of) maps in the booklets, so they can fill things out on a copy of a map.

At different times throughout the course students will need access to a set of encyclopedias; the Martyr’s Mirror; and a hymnal.

I had originally done these worksheets with British spellings, since I was teaching in Ireland; I tried to change them all, but I may have missed a few.

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