CASBI 2024

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You are invited to the Conservative Anabaptist School Board Institute near Ephrata, Pennsylvania on Friday, March 1 and Saturday morning March 2, 2024. The institute is planned for school board members, principals, and ministers—anyone involved with the overall planning and operation of our Christian day schools.

Scheduled main addresses include:
  • History of Christian Education
  • Economics/Civics and Implications to Education
  • Curriculum Matters
  • Confronting the Woke Mentality in our Schools
Sectional topics include:
  • Serving Well on the School Board
  • Teacher Salary
  • Tending Teachers
  • Why Teach World Cultures/Geography
  • Why Teach Economics
  • The Value of Recess and Play
  • Effective Use of Sub-committees
  • Interpreting Achievement Test Results
  • Using The Dock for Learning
  • Honor Roll: Pros and Cons
  • Dealing with Difficult Parents
  • Involving the Older Generation
  • Structure and Purpose of Kindergarten
  • Relevant Policies

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