Teacher Inspiration Day

9:00 – Welcome and Announcements, Lorne Martin, Zurich, ON

9:10 – Opening Devotional and Prayer, Fred Sohm, Newton, ON

9:20 – A Vessel Unto Honour, Kenneth Hostetter, Aylmer, ON

10:10 – Workshop Session 1

  • Developing Disciplined Study Habits, Brian Bender, Kippen, ON
  • Cymatics – The Mysteries of Sound, Kervin Martin, Tabio, Colombia
  • Distractions, Attention, and Focus (sisters only)Stephanie Ropp, Brunner, ON

11:00 – Break

11:10 – Nurturing Flourishing Friendships, Craig Horst, Teeswater, ON

12:00 – Lunch is provided

1:00 – Inspirational Singing, Leon Bowman, Mount Forest, ON

1:15 – 7 Minute Seminars

LessTime, More Value

  • Classroom Organization, Luke Stutzman, New Liskeard, ON
  • Task Prioritization, Clifton Eby, Simcoe, ON
  • Time Management, Josh Bauman, Gorrie, ON
  • Digital Organization, Philip Horst, Wallenstein, ON
  • Disciplined Diversity, Kervin Martin, Tabio, Colombia

2:00 – Healthy Boundaries – Rewarding Relationships, Jonathan Klassen, Millbank, ON

2:40 – Refreshment Break and Group Discussion Period

3:15 – Savants – The Extraordinary, Kervin Martin, Tabio, Colombia

3:45 – Workshop Session 2

  • Hidden Laws in Mathematics, Kevin Kreider, Chatham, ON
  • Worthwhile Spare-time Projects (sisters only)Julia Jantzi, Wellesley, ON

4:30 – “Come to the Kingdom for Such a Time as This” (Esther 4:14), Robert Bowman, Listowel, ON

5:00 – Dismissal

Message to the School Board Treasurers

We suggest a $50 donation per teacher to help cover the costs for this event.

Payments can be made by
– Cheque payable to The CSRC
– e-transfer to [email protected]
– Credit Card – click this link to pay online or call Alvin at 519-520-0509 with your CC number

Mail cheques to:
The CSRC, c/o Lorne Martin, 74033 Bluewater Hwy, RR 2, Zurich ON N0M 2T0
c: 519-525-0474

Thank you for your support.

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