February 2024 Progress Report

After a hiatus, we published scores of new audio recordings and several videos in the last quarter of 2023. Among these, Amata Thomas’s discussion of Anabaptist education in Kenya and Anthony Hurst’s talk on teacher-generated problems drew the most interest.

We continue to be grateful for the bloggers who provide regular, thoughtful insights for our readers:

  • Rosalie Beiler
  • Arlene Birt
  • Karen Birt
  • Carolyn Martin
  • Deana Swanson

A note on 2024

Although the analytics and financial report below cover through the end of 2023, we are delighted to provide several updates from the first months of 2024:

  • Chris Miller has joined The Dock team, assisting with the regular work of uploading material and updating the site. Chris previously worked as a videographer and editor for The Dock.
  • Chris Brode, from Ephrata Mennonite School, has begun writing for the blog.
  • A number of videos have been edited and are queued for publication in the coming months.


The Dock 2023 Q2

Financial report

Fiscal year-to-date summary (July–December 2023)

Year to dateBudget% of Budget
Beginning balance($2,009)
Net income($6,688)
Due to rounding, numbers may add up differently.

Expense breakdown (October–December 2023)

Blog posts$418
Tech infrastructure$266
Office expenses$816
Video editing$1,388
Due to rounding, numbers may add up differently.

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