October 2023 Progress Report

Much of our attention over the past quarter has gone to improving the new website. We did not add much new content in the third quarter (July through September) although more has been added in October.

Indications are that traffic has held steady or continued to slightly increase, even though our primary analytics (below) were unavailable for much of this quarter.

Our bloggers provide some of the most read content on The Dock. Posts tend to be highly actionable, substantive, and relevant to education. Current bloggers include:

  • Rosalie Beiler
  • Arlene Birt
  • Karen Birt
  • Meghan Brubaker
  • Carolyn Martin
  • Deana Swanson

Current staff

  • Patrick Heatwole: blog consultant
  • Lucas Hilty: project chair
  • Jaran Miller: webmaster
  • Josh Nisley: content manager

Highlighted content

In “A beginner’s myths,” Parts One and Two, Carolyn addresses misconceptions of new teachers, such as “If I show enough love for my students, they will love me, and I won’t have to discipline them,” and “You can’t smile till November.”

Teachers at Faith Builders Christian School updated the perennial favorite “Must-Reads Book List” to reflect recent events.

Lucinda Kinsinger’s posts continue to provide teachers with access to several lesser-known stories from Christian history, including the story behind “I Have Decided” and that of a prisoner who did not hide his worship from Soviet guards.


Financial report

Fiscal year-to-date summary (July–September 2023)

Year to dateBudget% of Budget
Beginning balance($2,009)
Net income($5,973)
Due to rounding, numbers may add up differently.

Expense breakdown (July–September 2023)

Blog posts$215
Tech infrastructure$324
Office expenses$758
Due to rounding, numbers may add up differently.


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