Administrator Responsibilities

Contributor: Wesley Gingerich

A detailed list of the administrator's responsibility at Lebanon Valley Christian School. It includes principal, secretary, and board responsibilities.Download this document or read it below.... Read More

The Administrator’s Job Description (Steven Brubaker)

Contributor: Steven Brubaker | Length : 62 | File type : Audio

Critical tasks that only the school administrator can do.

Christian School Principals Read and Lead

Contributor: Jonas Sauder | File type : Document

This post describes ten aspects of the school program that principals must constantly be aware of and monitor for the health of the school.Effective principals “have their senses (powers of disc... Read More

What do Teachers Expect of their Principals?

Contributor: Jonas Sauder | File type : Document

This list of expectations was compiled as a joint staff activity by a faculty of ten by invitation of their principal, at Lititz Area Mennonite School, December 1982. Qualities the principal should h... Read More

Why Should We Attend CASBI?

Contributor: Jonas Sauder | Length : 7 | File type : Video

Jonas explains why school board members, administrators, and ministers need events at which to connect with others who share these responsibilities. Like mutual aid for health care and disaster relief... Read More

Examing the Role of Principal (Rodney Lebold)

Contributor: Rodney Lebold | Length : 61 | File type : Audio

The principal plays an integral role in the school. In this workshop, Rodney examines the duties of the principal and discusses how the principal and the school board can plan for the future bettermen... Read More

Harmonious Home and Church Leadership (Elmer Glick)

Contributor: Elmer Glick | Length : 62 | File type : Audio

Harmony in leadership and relationships comes from a wholesome view of authority. Elmer examines biblical principles that govern human relationships in the home and the church. Courtesy Christian Ligh... Read More

Principal’s Job Description Helps

Contributor: Gerald Miller | File type : Document

This job description for principals/administrators describes the line of authority coming from board to principal, and lists the responsibilities of the principal in six areas. Courtesy Gerald Miller... Read More

Administrator’s Job Description

Contributor: Lyle Musser | File type : Document

This administrators' job description was created for the administrator of Shalom Mennonite School. We offer it as a sample, and to provoke your own thinking on this topic. Courtesy Lyle Musser.Do... Read More

Principal’s Job Description: Sonlight

Contributor: Jeremy Sauder | File type : Document

A principal/administrator has many tasks. This document describes the principle code, or chain of authority, and his personal development. The job description continues with detailed listings for the ... Read More