Spiritual Disciplines: What Are They?

Contributor: Arlyn Nisly | Length : 44 | File type : Audio

We all admire and appreciate the fruit of careful, rigorous training, whether in artisans, athletes, chefs, craftsmen, neurosurgeons, or preachers. We recognize, at least partially, the sacrificial de... Read More

Care for the Teacher Is Care for the Student: Healthy Routines that Support Your Work

Contributor: Paul Harrison | Length : 5 | File type : Video

You take your calling seriously, so you give your time and energy to serving the people under your care. But what if you run out of time and energy? What if you're not properly caring for yourself? Pa... Read More

Speed It Up—Carefully: Old and New Technology to Serve Your School

Contributor: Austin Shenk | Length : 8 | File type : Video

Isn't technology great? Possibly. Technology can speed up whatever we're doing. But if we're not sure about our goals for technology, it will likely get in our way, says Austin. He describes new te... Read More

Family as Ministry

Contributor: Melvin Lehman | Length : 44 | File type : Audio

An often asked question is: “"How can I involve my family in the ministry that I have been called to”?" While this is a good question, another that is at least of equal importance is: “"How can my ... Read More

Avoiding Burnout: Maintaining Spiritual Vitality

Contributor: John Coblentz | Length : 43 | File type : Audio

Ministry is typically taxing. There is always more to do than we can do. How do we take care of ourselves without being selfish? Is it possible to minister to others when we are tired or weak ourselve... Read More

Keeping the Family the Number One Ministry

Contributor: Clayton Shenk | Length : 44 | File type : Audio

All who are involved in ministry know that there is a never ending list of people wanting our time - including our family.  We will explore the basis for the family to be held as our first priorit... Read More

Raising a Family on the Mission Field

Contributor: Carolyn Roth | Length : 42 | File type : Audio

Normal mothering challenges are often compounded on the mission field. Am I first a missionary or a mother? God provides resources for raising our families in missions, if we look both ways.

Priorities in Ministry as a Wife, Mother, and Grandmother

Contributor: Verna Esh | Length : 35 | File type : Audio

Sometimes family may feel second place when there are so many other needs and obligations. How can we involve our family while keeping our priorities in right order? Ladies only. 

Longevity in Mission

Contributor: Leonard Mast | Length : 47 | File type : Audio

What are advantages of long-term ministry? What is the mentality needed to continue effectively? What is often behind great-sounding excuses to quit? What are causes of burnout? Should there be a diff... Read More

Servants, not Saviors (Eldon Hochstetler)

Contributor: Eldon Hochstetler | Length : 47 | File type : Audio

What happens when God’s people take on God’s role? What are the signs that we may be crossing the line? What are the trademarks of a real servant? What is the way to gauge whether you are in the Ser... Read More