Seven Things I Wish I Had Known Before I Walked into the Classroom

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After several years of teaching, I compiled a list of basic classroom management survival tips.  They have served me well, helping me to have order and respect in the classroom, and helping me a... Read More

Setting the Tone: Routines for the Classroom

Contributor: Carolyn Martin | File type : Blog Post

Before the students enter on the first day you will want to know what routines and procedures you want to see in your classroom. Routines are the things you do everyday and how you do them. Effici... Read More

Ready for the First Day

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“I can’t wait for the first day of school,” commented my ready-for-second-grade niece one day at the end of June. There are others anticipating the first day too. Some of you are looking ... Read More

Do All Students Have the Same Advantage in Your Classroom?

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Can we predict if students will succeed or struggle before they begin their school journey? Over the past several years, I have had the privilege of screening students before they come into kinderg... Read More

This Eternal Kingdom or That Mini Kingdom?

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Imagine this scenario: You want to be the leader of a new civilization on a beautiful island in the South Pacific, so you apply and get accepted to this position. You hire a personal tutor to edu... Read More

Behind the Mask

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“Good morning…uh…uh…uh,” I said to the girl coming down the hall. Her mask was over her nose. Her hood covered her head so only her eyes peeked out. Who is the girl behind the mask? “U... Read More

Myth Busting for the New Elementary Teacher

Contributor: Ruth Anna Kuhns

The first day of school approaches. Sharpened pencils, neatly stacked book, organized files, and alphabetically arranged encyclopedias grace your classroom. Everything is clean, shiny, and waiting... Read More


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During the summer the 25-mph speed limit sign was moved up the hill a few hundred yards. This morning on my way to school I realized that, once again, I cruised through it at a higher speed, only ... Read More

Preschool Preview

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When four- and five-year-old children think about school, what do they imagine? Do the smatterings they hear from older siblings, cousins, and friends give them a fun picture or a bleak one? I was... Read More

Attitude Adjustment

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Bop! “I need an attitude adjustment,” Loren announced, as he hit himself on the head to give the adjustment. “I smell your attitude, and it’s stinky!” Rachel informed her older sister... Read More