2018 Survey Results: How Do They Do It?

Contributor: Lucas Hilty | File type : Article

In this fifth and final installment of survey results, we consider how educators think about their calling, how they use their non-teaching time, and what they do for refreshment.What is the... Read More

Called to Teach (Sharon Martin)

Contributor: Sharon Martin | Length : 53 | File type : Audio

Burnout and Boredom are two of the cancers poised to attack teachers in their 2nd or 22nd year. Can these career-ending illnesses be prevented?

Guiding iGen through Commitment and Communication

Contributor: Norwood Shank | Length : 5 | File type : Video

Each generation faces the same battle: to serve God without distraction. For today's young people, Norwood observes, this battle is acute in two ways. We are tempted to substitute electronic communi... Read More

How do I know that teaching is my calling? Three Perspectives

Contributor: Mark Fisher | Length : 5 | File type : Video

How do I know whether I should consider making teaching a career? Is it safe to try teaching if I'm not sure I'm called? Three experienced educators speak of calling, desire, and community confi... Read More

By Love, Serve One Another (Elmer Glick)

Contributor: Elmer Glick | Length : 37 | File type : Audio

"Service without love is empty," Elmer reminds us, but the Lord calls us to "by love serve one another." Courtesy Christian Light Education (CLE).

By Love, Serve One Another (Pete Peters)

Contributor: Pete Peters | Length : 31 | File type : Audio

In order to serve effectively, we must lay the foundation of loving God. However, Pete calls us to make our love for God practical: "Our love for God is demonstrated in service where others become the... Read More

Teachers Tied to God: Unity (Ryan Hoover)

Contributor: Ryan Hoover | Length : 55 | File type : Audio

As we serve those we see, Ryan calls teachers to conform their purposes to the God who calls them. Courtesy Christian Light Education (CLE).

The Teacher’s Cross and Crown (Pete Peters)

Contributor: Pete Peters | Length : 41 | File type : Audio

The calling and task of a teacher can feel overwhelming. How can we measure up? Pete offers an inspiring path forward. Courtesy Christian Light Education (CLE).

These Are God’s Children

Contributor: Duane Tucker | Length : 2 | File type : Audio

Our students are God's children, each and every one. He chooses to mold and shape them through other people, especially their teachers and parents.Excerpt from Applied Science in the Classroom.... Read More

How Do You Know You are Called to Teach?

Contributor: Melvin Lehman | Length : 6 | File type : Video

Melvin Lehman began his teaching career at Anchor Christian School. He later served as administrator of Faith Builders, and currently teaches history and math at Faith Builders. In this video, h... Read More