Developing Your Leadership To-Be List

Contributor: Merle Burkholder | Length : 47 | File type : Audio

We often think about all the things a leader needs to do. We focus on efficiency and function. In this session we will look at what a leader ought to be. We will reflect on how, out of a character ba... Read More

Five Essential Traits of Christian Leadership

Contributor: Galen Stutzman | Length : 43 | File type : Audio

Even secular people agree: effective leadership is essential for any organization or program to be successful. Is leadership a talent some people are blessed with and others are not? What makes lead... Read More

2018 Survey Results: A Focus on Character

Contributor: | File type : Article

In this fourth installment of survey results, we examine what teachers say about their students’ character. We also publish the observations about education that rose to the top for many educ... Read More

Identifying and Developing your Strengths: Who are You? (Howard Lichty)

Contributor: Howard Lichty | File type : Audio

"A proper viewpoint of our own value and purpose that sets us free."How do you accept yourself as created by God--and perfect in Christ--while also striving to grow? Howard explores the biblical c... Read More

Beyond Good and Evil (Melvin Lehman)

Contributor: Melvin Lehman | Length : 41 | File type : Audio

This presentation is especially for young folks. Perhaps you have raised this question in your mind: How can I prepare myself for a life of ministry in the Kingdom of God? There is no single answer to... Read More

Valuing the Fruits of the Spirit (Edith Burkholder)

Contributor: Edith Burkholder | Length : 48 | File type : Audio

This presentation explores the attitudes, actions and applications of the fruit of the Spirit.

Preparing for a Life of Ministry (Tim Stoltzfus)

Contributor: Tim Stoltzfus | Length : 50 | File type : Audio

Do you want your life to make a difference for eternity? What is the secret of a fruitful life of service in God’s kingdom? God is raising up an army of workers who have zeal, vision, and purpose. Th... Read More

Essential Personal Qualities of Teachers (Jonas Sauder)

Contributor: Jonas Sauder | Length : 69 | File type : Audio

No amount of skill or training can supplant the need for cultivating the inner qualities of the teacher’s heart. All teachers must carry authority, bring order, value learning, burn with compassion, ... Read More

Identifying and Developing your Strengths: As Good Stewards (Howard Lichty)

Contributor: Howard Lichty | Length : 42 | File type : Audio

As a teacher, many wonderful resources are available. Where do I begin? One of the most helpful resources you can get are the people you teach with. Seek advice and give advice. Listen to this present... Read More

Identifying and Developing your Strengths: Don’t Live in the Ditch (Howard Lichty)

Contributor: Howard Lichty | Length : 45 | File type : Audio

Have you personally evaluated your strengths and weaknesses? In this presentation, Mr. Lichty walks us through a personal evaluation, first rating himself on a scale of 0-2, then digging deeper to as... Read More