Child Training

From Children Who Listen to Young Adults Who Serve, Part I

Contributor: Darrell Hershberger | File type : Blog Post

We long for children who will live to their full potential as God created them, who amount to something, so that they can be people we’re proud of and that God will be pleased with. My vision is ... Read More

The Adolescent

Contributor: Melvin Lehman | Length : 48 | File type : Audio

Melvin discusses the development of children between childhood and the teen years. Melvin urges parents and teachers to guide their children through the normal changes rather than leaving children to ... Read More

Child Development: Biblical Orientation

Contributor: Brandon Mullet | Length : 48 | File type : Audio

How does the Bible describe the development of human beings? Using Scripture and personal reflections, Brandon urges parents and teachers to strive to model godliness, then instruct their children to ... Read More

Developing Character in Children

Contributor: Brandon Mullet | Length : 87 | File type : Audio

Out of the heart come all the good and evil that others experience in me. Brandon addresses children's character development, and the sacrificial work of shaping young lives. Courtesy FBEP.

Disciplining out of a Loving Heart

Contributor: Melvin Lehman | Length : 57 | File type : Audio

Drawing from the example of God and the stated principles of the Bible, Melvin exhorts teachers and parents to discipline effectively, out of a heart of care. Like that of Christ, the yoke we give oth... Read More

Helping Parents Love and Discipline Children

Contributor: Eugene Sommers | Length : 71 | File type : Audio

Using his experience as a parent contact at Bald Eagle camp, Eugene encourages teachers to strive together with parents towards common goals for their children. Courtesy FBEP.

Schools as Places of Discipleship

Contributor: Darrell Hershberger | Length : 43 | File type : Audio

Schools should be an extension of the role of the church and home in children's spiritual development. It is important to collaborate together to have maximum impact. Courtesy CASBI.