current events

What is True?

Contributor: Joseph Shantz | File type : Blog Post

Social media and news outlets seem intent on convincing us that COVID-19 is either a) an overblown, politically saturated, economy ruining bad joke or b) an unprecedented, deadly health threat tha... Read More

Maximizing Teachable Moments in the Classroom: Current Events

Contributor: Melvin Lehman | Length : 60 | File type : Audio

Should current events be taught as a one-time per week class, a daily 5-minute reference and review, or simply integrated into class discussions? How can the teacher maximize the nearly-universal inte... Read More

Marshall Memo 670 (Sample)

Contributor: Kim Marshall | File type : Article

This is a sample issue of The Marshall Memo, a weekly review of educational articles. Note that it is not from an Anabaptist perspective. From the website: The Marshall Memo, published since 200... Read More