Texts for Teachers: I Will Build My Church

Contributor: Steven Brubaker | Length : 40 | File type : Audio

What are the foundational texts that carry us into the classroom and the world? Steven reflects on the power of God's promises to His people.

Finding and Refining Your Story

Contributor: Leroy Hershberger | Length : 41 | File type : Audio

The oyster’s irritant gives way to a pearl. We’ll focus in this session on locating your story and shaping it in beauty. 

But What Can I Do?

Contributor: Earl Peachey | Length : 40 | File type : Audio

What can I do? No one has tapped me on the shoulder. I am too young, I am too old. I am not particularly gifted. I am stuck at home. I am only one small person in the light of the vast needs and gre... Read More

Graduation: Then What?

Contributor: Glendon Strickler | Length : 35 | File type : Audio

You are looking forward to graduation, or graduation is still visible in the rear-view mirror. Business, helping at home, Bible School, voluntary service, teaching school, industry, adventure... what ... Read More

The Tragedy of a Wasted Life

Contributor: Dave Yoder | Length : 35 | File type : Audio

Life is too short to discover that your ladder was leaning on the wrong wall. Is the American dream, financial security, or that new truck all that it is cracked up to be? What legacy will I treasure ... Read More

Understanding the Times

Contributor: Frank Reed | Length : 45 | File type : Audio

Where are the children of Issachar who understand the times and know what Israel needs to do? Do those kinds of men exist today? Are you one of them? Where are the men of vision? Where there is no vis... Read More

Seven Important Topics to Discuss by Doug Kauffman

Contributor: | Length : 39 | File type : Audio

Effectively governing the school means more than keeping the bills paid and the fires put out. Even hiring teachers every year isn't all. Doug raises seven questions that school boards should consider... Read More

Why Should We Attend CASBI?

Contributor: Jonas Sauder | Length : 7 | File type : Video

Jonas explains why school board members, administrators, and ministers need events at which to connect with others who share these responsibilities. Like mutual aid for health care and disaster relief... Read More


Contributor: Betty Yoder | File type : Blog Post

I love when ideas simply present themselves, almost without my conscious thought. In fact, I have noticed that when I become fixated on solving a problem, spending lots of time and energy trying t... Read More

A Vision For Life

Contributor: Merle Burkholder | Length : 50 | File type : Audio

Why was I born? What does God want to result from my life? When I reach the end of my life, will I be able to say that I have done what my Heavenly Father wanted me to do? This workshop provides infor... Read More