Spelling the Song: Learning to Sight-Sing with Familiar Hymns

Contributor: Allen Troyer | Length : 3 | File type : Video

If your students can sight-read shaped or conventional notes, a world of classic and modern hymns is unlocked for them. They can learn new songs and harmonize the old ones accurately. But how can you ... Read More

The Math They See, the Math They Use: Demonstrating Concepts with Math Manipulatives

Contributor: Piper Burdge | Length : 16 | File type : Video

In math, we expect students to memorize steps and learn processes with the hope that they will understand the concepts as they use them. But this last step—understanding—often never happens, say P... Read More

Skip Counting Charts

Contributor: Lynell Nissley | File type : Teaching Material

"Skip-counting charts" are visuals created to accompany the Semple Math skip-counting songs.  I printed the blank ones double-sided and laminated them or put them in sheet protectors to make them dry... Read More

Basic Fluency Pages

Contributor: Lynell Nissley | File type : Teaching Material

"Basic Fluency Pages" is a set of drill sheets I created to add on to the Barton fluency pages. Barton drills include individual letter sounds and three letter combinations, but I found some of my stu... Read More