Challenging the Gifted

Contributor: Austin Smucker | Length : 50 | File type : Audio

Then, there are those fast students who get their speed drills done in half the time given on the drill. What to do? Send them outside for an early recess?

Helping Students with ADHD: The Anabaptist Advantage

Contributor: Austin Shenk | File type : Article

ADHD may feel like a giant of a problem which we are not equipped to handle, but before we loose heart let's consider the advantages that Anabaptists have in helping students with ADHD. The present... Read More

Gifted Children

Contributor: Judith Yoder | File type : Article

Around six to ten percent (3-5 million) of today’s students are gifted children. These students are different than your normal students or even challenged students in their learning style, depth... Read More

The World of the Exceptional Learner

Contributor: Lynell Nissley | File type : Blog Post

Dyslexia.  ADHD.  ASD.  Learning disabilities.  Intellectual disability.  Special education.  Therapy.  Tutoring.  Diet.  Medicine. Slow learner.  IEP.  Phonological awareness.  Reading co... Read More

Dyslexia: Recognizing and Addressing the Needs of Your Students

Contributor: Peter Whitt | Length : 52 | File type : Audio

Dyslexia, says Peter, is not a defect; it is a design feature. Peter leads workshop members in recognizing signs of dyslexia. Courtesy CASBI.

Resources for Dyslexia

Contributor: Peter Whitt | Length : 31 | File type : Audio

Following up on a session that focused on identifying dislexia, Peter offers tools to help learners process better. He refers to Overcoming Dyslexia by Sally Shaywitz. Courtesy CASBI. ... Read More

Discerning between Inability and Unwillingness

Contributor: Jonathan Erb | Length : 40 | File type : Audio

Stanley addresses the importance of a clear conscience and calls us to a higher level of integrity. Courtesy Western Fellowship Teachers' Institute.

Meeting Special Educational Needs of Individual Students

Contributor: Simon Schrock | Length : 64 | File type : Audio

Drawing from extensive experience in education, and from the insights of his audience, Simon presents ideas for meeting the needs of students. Courtesy CASBI.

Slow Learners

Contributor: Elson Sommers | Length : 63 | File type : Audio

Elson explores general teaching methods, and ways to adjust them to meet the needs of individual Courtesy FBEP.