Choose Your Attitude

Contributor: Anthony Hurst | Length : 3 | File type : Audio

Does the thought of teaching invigorate you, or has the classroom become misery? Anthony calls us to depend, always, on the Lord, and to curb the influences that can drag down our teaching. ... Read More

Dualism or Wholeness?

Contributor: Chester Weaver | File type : Article

The Dualism article is intended for upper grade discussion. Wholeness exists as a very basic philosophical foundation for a thoroughly Christian worldview, promoting human well-being. Dualism is a p... Read More

Grace for the EGR People

Contributor: Arlene Birt | File type : Blog Post

Education has many acronyms such as ELL, ADHD, ESSA, and CCSS (English Language Learner, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, Every Student Succeeds Act, Common Core State Standards). Here is a... Read More

Moments of Grace, Part 2

Contributor: Ruth Anna Kuhns | File type : Blog Post

Remember Connor*, the student who gave me a beautiful package of chocolate one morning?  This chocolate was only one of the grace moments listed in my last post.  But let me tell you about Conno... Read More

The Gift of Repentance

Contributor: Betty Yoder | File type : Blog Post

After two consecutive days of apologizing to several students for my sharp words, I began pondering the meaning of repentance.   Why do I keep failing?  Shouldn’t I be able to repent – and ... Read More

Moments of Grace, Part 1

Contributor: Ruth Anna Kuhns | File type : Blog Post

Seventeen energetic children entered my classroom door on the first day of school.  Bright-eyed.  Eager. I smiled.  Only five new students this year.  Settling into a routine should be quic... Read More

Attributes of God: Bible 703

Contributor: Christian Light | File type : Teaching Material

This self-study guide, originally conceived as a CLE 7th grade Light Unit, guides students: 1. To define the Biblical meaning of love. 2. To tell how God has shown love to all mankind. 3. To tell h... Read More

Jars of Clay

Contributor: Betty Yoder | File type : Blog Post

Recently I read this quote by John Dewey:  “We do not learn from experience...we learn from reflecting on experience.”  Here are some of my recent reflections: How should I respond when ongoi... Read More


Contributor: Kendall Myers | File type : Blog Post

A teacher’s joy is the oxygen of a classroom’s atmosphere.  I’ve found that when joy is alive in me, the classroom is alive.  Joy energizes positive interactions with my students, whereas ... Read More

Glimpses of Grace

Contributor: Betty Yoder | File type : Blog Post

Grace.  What does grace look like in the classroom?   The One who is full of grace and truth calls us to reflect Him.  But when students are grumpy and lethargic and unlovely, I often feel attacke... Read More