Homemaking as a Ministry (Cynthia Brubaker)

Contributor: Cynthia Brubaker | Length : 44 | File type : Audio

The home can be a place of ministry. We will discuss how to cultivate homes that are a safe place to belong, a nourishing place to thrive, a fascinating place to learn and grow, and a warm place to sh... Read More

Feeding the Multitudes (Beatrice King)

Contributor: Beatrice King | Length : 37 | File type : Audio

Miracles happen when we know the Father of the five loaves and two fishes. In this presentation, Beatrice King talks about ways to serve loaves and fishes that bring glory to the Father. As He blesses... Read More

Role of a Wife in Ministry (Edith Burkholder)

Contributor: Edith Burkholder | Length : 49 | File type : Audio

How can wives help in ministry? What are the challenges? What has helped to guide you? This presentation includes discussion from the audience.

Visitation: How? When? Where? (Floyd Stoltzfus)

Contributor: Floyd Stoltzfus | Length : 41 | File type : Audio

Find widows, elderly people, youth contemplating suicide, the depressed and dejected in your community. Take your children and grandchildren along or do it as a youth group. Communicate, sing, read, a... Read More

Hospitality Takes on a New Dimension: Our Home-Ec Program

Contributor: Cherlyn Weber | Length : 6 | File type : Video

The patrons and staff of Countryside Christian School realized that, as the culture around them changed and their own children attended school longer, they owed their girls an expanded home economic... Read More