School Boards with Hindsight

Contributor: Matt Derstine | Length : 48 | File type : Audio

It has been said that you can see what happened better than what is going to happen; however, are we truly learning from the faults and victories of the past?

Poetry: Writing Quotable Poetry

Contributor: Jay Martin | Length : 60 | File type : Audio

Some poets, being dead, yet speak . . . because we are still listening. Why do we still like to hear and quote poets like Frost, Watts, Whittier, and Shakespeare—what did they more than others? We’l... Read More

Student Behavior Self-Evaluation Form and Cover Letter

Contributor: Anna Zehr | File type : Curricular

Anna shares the form she uses to capture students' evaluations of themselves and their seat partners. Self-Evaluation Form Cover Letter for Parents For more on student self-evaluations, watch M... Read More

Professional Development in a Christian School: Who, How, and Why

Contributor: Brian J Martin | File type : Article

This paper was written as an assignment for a graduate class in education. Brian synthesizes the work of other authors and focuses on three aspects of professional development: WHO can lead in su... Read More

Lean Manufacturing: A Philosophy for Teachers?

Contributor: John Mark Kuhns | File type : Blog Post

Last summer, I had the privilege of working at my father’s business just as he was starting to put significant effort into implementing an approach called “lean manufacturing.” As its name sug... Read More

Help for Beginners and the Experienced

Contributor: Betty Yoder | File type : Document

In a 25-page handout developed for new teacher orientation, Betty Yoder discusses essentials, including discipline plans, schedules, and planning recesses and recreation. From the contributor: "A num... Read More

Teacher Apprenticing

Contributor: Milo Zehr | Length : 63 | File type : Audio

Milo outlines the vision for Christian teaching: to disciple others to live biblical Christianity. Milo describes this in the context of the teacher apprenticing program at Faith Builders. Cour... Read More

The Teacher’s Self Evaluation

Contributor: Brandon Mullet | Length : 55 | File type : Audio

Reminding students of Howard Hendricks' statement that mere experience without evaluation does not ensure our growth as teachers, Brandon leads us through a checklist for assessing areas of strength a... Read More