How Do Clouds Form? Adiabatic Cooling and Heating

Contributor: Caleb Martin | Length : 13 | File type : Video

What can you learn about clouds with a water bottle and a bit of smoke? Watch as Caleb demonstrates adiabatic cooling and heating, and recommends a $10 device every science teacher should have. ... Read More

Chicken Foot Dissection: How Tendons Work

Contributor: Caleb Martin | File type : Teaching Material

Watch Caleb demonstrate what chicken feet teach us about our own biology, then download the lab document below. ... Read More

Amazing Animals

Contributor: Seth Kropf | Length : 33 | File type : Audio

Each speaker gives a short profile of a fascinating animal: octopus, kiwi, bugs, and dragonflies.

Teaching that Inspires

Contributor: Steve Overholt | Length : 44 | File type : Audio

An inspired teacher often will cause the phenomenon of inspired students. Perhaps we could try to be more inspiring for our students…but how?

Stories: Advanced Character Portrayal

Contributor: Darryl Derstine | Length : 60 | File type : Audio

Have you ever had a story character as a friend? Someone you knew so well you could ask him for advice . . . and get it? Why is it that some characters are so real that they impact the course of your ... Read More

Articles: Let’s Get Specific: Accurate Language in a World of Ambiguity

Contributor: Kyle Stolzfus | Length : 58 | File type : Audio

We use words to distinguish things, name them, and communicate with others. Writers who command language command the ability to communicate their meaning with clarity and precision. This workshop enco... Read More

Stories: Writing to the Beat of a Middle-Schooler’s Heart

Contributor: Angela Freed | Length : 58 | File type : Audio

What makes children ages 9-14 read their favorite books till the pages fall out? Together we will peruse these books and discover how the authors reach this age group’s heart.

Stories: Maintaining Credibility in Plot Development

Contributor: Darryl Derstine | Length : 62 | File type : Audio

Have you ever stopped mid-sentence, thinking, This doesn’t make sense. What is going on here? This story feels fake. When this happens, the message of the story is damaged. How can we craft our stori... Read More

Show Them, Tell Them: Techniques to Communicate the Stories of the Bible

Contributor: Yvonne King | Length : 25 | File type : Video

It's Bible story time, so you reach for the Bible story book. Will your students engage with the message? Will they understand how the people of the story felt? By learning the story so well that y... Read More