joys of teaching

A Gift Received

Contributor: Betty Yoder | File type : Blog Post

In church this morning, our deacon preached on the fallacy of basing our identity on things that can be taken away and stressed the need to place our identity in Christ alone.  Immediately, my mi... Read More

Why I Teach

Contributor: John Mark Kuhns | File type : Blog Post

In the middle of the school year, it can be good for us to step back and think about why we teach. Early in my teaching career, a friend asked me why I teach. I described the feeling of satisfa... Read More

10 Often Overlooked Perks of Teaching

Contributor: Kyle Lehman | File type : Blog Post

Those of you who have unloaded hay on hot day know that there is one thing that absolutely must be done before calling it a day. Every old farmer knows what I’m talking about. As the summer sun ... Read More