Bible Memory Schedule

Contributor: Wesley Gingrich | File type : Curricular

A twelve-year Bible memory schedule with passages for each month of the academic year. Download this document or read it below. ... Read More

Bible Memory Scope & Sequence (K-12)

Contributor: Chris Sensenig | File type : Curricular

A comprehensive Bible memory plan with schedule of passages for each grade level, from Kindergarten through Grade 12. Includes assessment guidelines for Grades 7-12. Download this document or read ... Read More

I Know My Verses!

Contributor: Arlene Birt | File type : Blog Post

I loved hearing one of the first-graders asking, “Can I say the verses by myself?  I know them.”  This child proceeded to say the verses as we were waiting in the bus line at dismissal time.... Read More

Teaching Memorization (Uve Steinmann)

Contributor: Uve Steinmann | Length : 74 | File type : Audio

We have the ability to access a wealth of information, says Uvi, but we are what we know. Memorization of knowledge in a breadth of fields offers great benefit in organizing information. Courtesy Chri... Read More