The Teacher, the Foreigner

Contributor: Libby (Turner) Boss | File type : Article

If you are a teacher, do not be surprised if someday you find yourself teaching in the context of a different culture. Maybe it will be in Mexico where termites come out of the wall to nibble into y... Read More

The Essence of the Great Commission

Contributor: Duane Eby | Length : 34 | File type : Audio

Jesus is with his church to the end of the age--but to what purpose does he give us this comfort? The gospel is, after all, the confounding genius of our task.

Business and Brotherhood: Rethinking the Relationship

Contributor: Gary Miller | Length : 46 | File type : Audio

Many feel the local church should have little input or influence in a believer’s business. Let business be business and keep it separate from the brotherhood. But is this correct? What if God desires... Read More

Making Disciples of All Nations (Raymond Burkholder)

Contributor: Raymond Burkholder | Length : 47 | File type : Audio

Beginning with the Biblical commission for cross-cultural ministry, this presentation moves to considering practical things like communicating the gospel cross-culturally at home and abroad, ministeri... Read More

Incorporating a Missions Perspective

Contributor: Renee George | Length : 5 | File type : Video

How do reading, math, and geography classes prepare workers in the kingdom? Renee reflects on the perspective her time in Ghana gave her on teaching school. ... Read More

Defining The Vision (Dean Martin)

Contributor: Dean Martin | Length : 57 | File type : Audio

Fifty years ago, in reaction to the lessening of Bible-oriented values by the public education system, the Ontario conservative Mennonites began to establish their own Christian day schools. What was ... Read More

Jesus and Ministry

Contributor: Merle Burkholder | Length : 37 | File type : Audio

Broken. Our world is hurting, and so are we. But we have experienced Jesus as our salvation, and we need not be discouraged. God has a method of transforming the world, says Merle. God's method is no... Read More

Anabaptist Advantages in Ministry

Contributor: Allen Roth | Length : 28 | File type : Audio

This session is designed to inspire listeners to rejoice in the unique strengths of Anabaptism which give us a unique perspective and contribution to contribute in the worldwide spread of the Gospel. ... Read More

Becoming a Global Christian

Contributor: Allen Roth | Length : 47 | File type : Audio

Allen shares practical ideas that will enable participants to process world news from a global perspective, and will enrich their prayer lives and equip them to encourage others to do the same.

CLE Curriculum: Enabling Ministries around the World

In a talk from REACH 2017, Elmer Glick describes how Christian Light is serving schools and homeschools around the world. CLE provides teacher-training, curriculum, and a correspondence school for t... Read More