Faithfulness Toolbox

Contributor: Austin Shenk | File type : Blog Post

As a 20-year-old, I mistakenly believed that faithfulness meant saying, “Yes!” to every request I received.  Not only was that unsustainable, it was also very unfaithful because of the amount... Read More

Organizational Systems for Teachers

Contributor: James A Goering II | File type : Blog Post

Teaching is a stressful job. Teachers must prepare classes, grade student work, plan special activities, and deal with relationship issues. You have so much to do and so much to remember that you in... Read More

Speed It Up—Carefully: Old and New Technology to Serve Your School

Contributor: Austin Shenk | Length : 8 | File type : Video

Isn't technology great? Possibly. Technology can speed up whatever we're doing. But if we're not sure about our goals for technology, it will likely get in our way, says Austin. He describes new te... Read More

Writing: Ten Things Editors Wished You Knew

Contributor: Joyce Beachy | Length : 60 | File type : Audio

Arthur Plotnik said, “You write to communicate to the hearts and minds of others what’s burning inside you. And we edit to let the fire show through the smoke.” What do editors wish you knew about ... Read More

The Effective Use of Committees

Contributor: Jonas Sauder | Length : 38 | File type : Audio

As a member of the school board, you are responsible for overseeing many aspects of the school: finding staff, facilitating communication among school staff, parents, and church, providing finances, a... Read More

Course Correction Panel Discussion

Contributor: Richie Lauer | Length : 45 | File type : Audio

Perhaps all is not well at the nonprofit organization you serve. Sometimes this sinking feeling arrives unexpectedly, but, to be honest, we have usually known that a problem has festered for some ti... Read More

Making The Minutes Count (Carolyn Good)

Contributor: Carolyn Good | Length : 63 | File type : Audio

We have all been given the same number of minutes and hours, no matter if we are a teacher of 5 or 25 students. Listen to ways teachers can best utilize their time both in class and out of class.

Managing Time in the Middle Grades (John Troyer)

Contributor: John Troyer | Length : 69 | File type : Audio

Many items help make the difference between an efficient, profitable day and a mediocre one. It all begins with planning your day (or your year.) This talk includes a wide variety of items.

Using Trello for Recurring Administrative Tasks

Contributor: Arlyn Nisly | File type : Article

Trello is a list-keeper that is free (freemium), easy to use, extensible, and robust. I use it for multiple purposes, but here is how I use it to manage the repetitive tasks that go with my job as pri... Read More

Schools, Money, Taxes, and the Law

Contributor: Dennis Yoder | Length : 50 | File type : Audio

Dennis, an accountant who specializes in serving nonprofit organizations, describes ways that nonprofits can more effectively govern their finances. The talk focuses on income (donations, receipts, an... Read More