The School and the Life of Christ

Contributor: Jake Martins | Length : 12 | File type : Audio

If our schools are to be Christian, they must be grounded in the spiritual reality of the Christian life. Jake urges us to set our affections on what is above.

Class Trips

Contributor: Murray Horst | Length : 23 | File type : Audio

Class trips are always a highlight for the students and teachers alike. We all enjoy planning them, participating in them as well as reminiscing on them. However, why do we go on class trips? Are clas... Read More

God Is in the Midst of the Christian School

Contributor: John Gerber | Length : 11 | File type : Audio

If our work is to succeed, it must be a channel for making God known. The purpose of learning is to enable us to follow Christ.

Promote Excellence: A Christian View

Contributor: Matt Peachey | Length : 3 | File type : Audio

If the purpose of your school is to bring people to Christ, why worry about academics? Matt challenges this view, and calls us to see Christian education as excellent education. This excerpt wa... Read More

Framework for Teamwork

Contributor: Daryl Weaver | Length : 43 | File type : Audio

Teamwork: the context in which we serve; the greater purpose for which we serve. We are called to walk worthily by the grace we have been given in order to perfect our pupils.

Be a Table Knife

Contributor: Lucinda J Kinsinger | File type : Blog Post

Ever hear a student complain that they’ll never use the algebra they’re struggling through? Or that diagrams in language arts have nothing to do with real life? The next time you hear statements... Read More

Poetry: Poetry as Communication and Connection

Contributor: Marlene Brubacher | Length : 59 | File type : Audio

Some verses are skimmed and forgotten; others are savored and remembered. Let’s explore the ways vulnerability, pivotal word choice, and author tone transform forgettable rhymes into living poetry th... Read More

Stories: What Is Your Theme?

Contributor: Stephanie Leinbach | Length : 61 | File type : Audio

Theme is the glue that holds a story together, but sometimes we get stuck in it. We will examine how and when we identify theme, where we should put it, and why we allow it to sabotage our stories. ... Read More

Clarifying Mission Vision and Values

Contributor: Merle Burkholder | Length : 43 | File type : Audio

What are vision, mission, and core value statements? Why are they important, and how are they determined? How can we keep them from merely being on a plaque on the wall, or a paper in a file drawer?... Read More

What Shall I Do? Managing Time and Priorities

Contributor: Cynthia Brubaker | Length : 42 | File type : Audio

John Greenleaf Whittier writes, "Take from our lives the strain and stress and let our ordered lives confess the beauty of thy peace." This workshop explores ways we can cooperate with God in pursuing... Read More