Bookworm Reading Tracker Theme

Contributor: Karen Nolt | File type : Curricular

With this classroom theme, students write a bit about books they have read on a worm segment. Karen has each student tell the class about the book before adding their segment to the bookworm. A pat... Read More

Teaching Phonics

Contributor: Andrea Schrock | Length : 44 | File type : Audio

Come learn about the important parts of phonics. What is phonics and why do children need to learn them?

Strong and Brave, Lesson Plan 1

Contributor: Karen Nolt | File type : Teaching Material

In this lesson plan, fifth grades begins their study of CLE Grade 5 Reading. Download this document now or read it below. ... Read More

Preventing the Summer Slide

Contributor: Shari Zook | File type : Blog Post

It’s summer vacation! Yay! Let’s sleep in till noon, watch videos, and hang out on the living room couch. Or not. Researchers, educators, and parents are becoming increasingly concerned ... Read More

What Is Good Literature?

Contributor: Darrell Hershberger | File type : Article

On a school administrators' email group, Darrell Hershberger posed this question: What makes literature worthwhile? We're working on coming to an answer to this question that will inform our libr... Read More

Seven Creative Ways to Promote Reading

Contributor: Lucinda J Kinsinger | File type : Blog Post

Reading opens the door to academic and career success, imagination, knowledge, understanding of others, compassion, and so much more. As educators, we can give students no greater gift than positi... Read More

Encouraging Good Reading and Writing: Library Considerations

Contributor: Jonas Sauder | File type : Curricular

What are the essentials in teaching children to read and write well? In this collection, Jonas offers considerations on literature, the library, and public reading practices. Download this document... Read More

To Lack Nothing: Why Practice and Teach Spiritual Disciplines?

Contributor: Arlyn Nisly | Length : 5 | File type : Video

Prayer, reading the Bible, fasting, singing: We know these are good things, but how can we stay motivated to do them? How do we teach them to our students when the results often aren't obvious? Arlyn ... Read More

Short Term Mission Trips (Elijah Yoder)

Contributor: Elijah Yoder | Length : 43 | File type : Audio

Whether your mission trip is a work project, hands-on evangelism, or for cultural exposure, your experience can be enhanced by several simple actions. Develop the personal disciplines of reading, pray... Read More

Cultivating Wisdom from Literature (Jonas Sauder)

Contributor: Jonas Sauder | Length : 43 | File type : Audio

Studying quality literature influences how you live life from that day forward. You may gain knowledge, inspiration, warning, or motivation. Teachers can explore literary themes with students and demo... Read More