Free Image Resources

Contributor: Lucas Hilty | File type : Article

Images add more than visual appeal to your lessons. They let students imagine the emotions of historical characters, appreciate the nuances of geographic description, and appreciate the power of artis... Read More

Recommended Book Series for Elementary

Contributor: Anna Zehr | File type : Curricular

From two elementary teachers, this list suggests series that provide your child with material to grow into reading. The list is in progress; download the file and edit it to fit your situation. D... Read More

Must-Reads Book List

Contributor: Anna Zehr | File type : Curricular

The compilers chose for this list books recognized as timeless classics, or books that form values or expand the minds of readers. Books listed in the preschool through lower elementary sections can b... Read More

Types of Reading

Contributor: Jonas Sauder | File type : Curricular

Jonas describes types of fiction and non-fiction and provides examples. Download this worksheet now or read it below. ... Read More

Good Reads Handout

Contributor: Jonas Sauder | File type : Curricular

This list suggests positive books for each grade level. Download this worksheet now or read it below. ... Read More

Fun by the Stack: Great Titles for Beginning Readers

Contributor: Shari Zook | File type : Blog Post

I love books. I could dream them and wear them and eat them for breakfast. I have a special place in my heart for children’s books. But the hardest age for me to find appropriate reading material... Read More

Resources available: Anabaptist history curriculum from Mennonite Education Agency

Contributor: Mennonite Education Agency | File type : Teaching Material

The Mennonite Education Agency has produced an Anabaptist history curriculum that is freely available on their website. Running the Race is designed for seventh and eighth grade. Be aware that, as a p... Read More

Christian-Friendly Books, K-12

Contributor: Edward Lake | File type : Curricular

Kindergarten-Grade 1 Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site Storytime with the Millers Goodnight Moon The Little Engine that Could Wisdom and the Millers Where the Sidewalk ends ... Read More

Promoting Staff Development by Ken Kauffman

Contributor: Ken Kauffman | Length : 47 | File type : Audio

If your teachers are developing their skills, are they doing it under the direction of the board or on their own initiative? Ken urges boards to plan for staff development, and suggests opportunities ... Read More

To Better Serve God with His People: Teaching Church History

Contributor: Peter Goertzen | Length : 5 | File type : Video

How do you tell the story of our past? What activities and skills do students need to profit from history? Peter explains his approach to church history, and the powerful opportunity to help stude... Read More