The Power of a Three-Fold Cord

Contributor: Dave Yoder | Length : 32 | File type : Audio

How tough are you? Can you really do this “Christian thing” yourself? Can you afford to be transparent? Is it even safe? Are you tired of being stuck in a rut? Is the single cord frayed and ready to... Read More

Love, Hate, Manipulate: Communicating Effectively with Unhappy Parents

Contributor: Gerald Miller | Length : 8 | File type : Video

What are practical ways interact with manipulative parents? What is the core problem with manipulative parents? What's underneath the communication problems you experience with parents, and what can y... Read More

Dealing with Dilemmas Panel Discussion

Contributor: Gerald Miller | Length : 38 | File type : Audio

Experienced school leaders respond to questions regarding manipulative parents, school readiness, and related topics. Moderated by Jonas Sauder. This is a follow-up discussion to the Dealing with D... Read More

Dealing with Dilemmas Presentations

Contributor: Gerald Miller | Length : 44 | File type : Audio

This recording includes four presentations: Grade 1: Ready or Not? When and How to Dismiss a Teacher The Manipulative Parent The Dress Code Questions regarding these topics were... Read More

Recognizing and Dealing with Depression (John Coblentz)

Contributor: John Coblentz | Length : 48 | File type : Audio

Ministry is taxing and can be discouraging when time and effort seem to be fruitless. How do we respond when people are thankless? When our efforts seem only to result in criticism and failure? When w... Read More

Equipping Servants in High School (Patrick Heatwole)

Contributor: Patrick Heatwole | Length : 46 | File type : Audio

God has blessed us with the opportunity to educate our children in our own schools. With this opportunity comes the responsibility of investing wisely in this resource. How should our schools be relev... Read More

Meaningful Management (Dennis Yoder)

Contributor: Dennis Yoder | Length : 40 | File type : Audio

Successful management of everyday tasks frees time and resources to pursue Kingdom results. This presentation looks at ways to manage yourself and your workflow to create more space for the people and... Read More

Foundation for Relationships (John Coblentz)

Contributor: John Coblentz | Length : 44 | File type : Audio

We all have relationships. Relationships that are stable are built on the foundation of our relationship with God, our peace with God. Out of the priority of our relationship with God, we work towar... Read More

Love in Relationships (John Coblentz)

Contributor: John Coblentz | Length : 40 | File type : Audio

Love is a commitment. Love seeks expression. Love is of God; it comes from Him and leads to Him.

Essential Personal Qualities of Teachers (Jonas Sauder)

Contributor: Jonas Sauder | Length : 63 | File type : Audio

No amount of skill or training can replace the need for essential inner qualities of a teacher’s heart. Teachers must carry authority, bring order, value learning, burn with compassion, have a vision... Read More