Sketch of a Servant Teacher: Servant Teachers

Contributor: Travis Zook | Length : 42 | File type : Audio

Teaching, at its core, is built on service. This third session in the series is based on the question: How will you be serving? As in all positions of authority in the Kingdom of God, we are called to... Read More

Sketch of a Servant Teacher: Teachers of Passion

Contributor: Travis Zook | Length : 35 | File type : Audio

Teaching, at its core, is built on service. This fourth and final session in the series is based on the question: What keeps you serving? The disciples left their occupations because Jesus provided in... Read More

A Servant Education: The Vision

Contributor: Kendall Myers | File type : Blog Post

This essay is a collective effort by seven administrators of conservative Anabaptist schools. This group of administrators believes that our schools are poised to aid our churches and homes in the c... Read More

A Servant Heart

Contributor: Howard Bean | Length : 33 | File type : Audio

Our master took on himself the form of a servant. So should we. Howard reflects on the examples of Christians in history who served humbly.

Being Great at Home

Contributor: Earl Peachey | Length : 44 | File type : Audio

Who I really am is best displayed at home. It is far better to be considered great at home, than to be praised and honored by those who are far off. How can I gain and keep the hearts of my family... Read More

Attitude and Heartbeat of A Successful Volunteer

Contributor: Tim Weaver | Length : 46 | File type : Audio

In our anticipation of going into voluntary service, we all desire to serve, bless, contribute, and be the best that we can be. In this session we will consider the blessings of being called to servic... Read More

Take the Basin and the Towel

Contributor: Gerald Miller | Length : 4 | File type : Video

What is your task as a teacher? The responsibilities you bear may seem overwhelming, but Gerald reminds us that our purpose is to humbly apply our learning and effort to serving the church. View or... Read More

Sustainable Missions (Panel Discussion)

Contributor: Allen Roth | Length : 49 | File type : Audio

These four men discuss ways to promote long term service of missionaries, their rootedness in the communities they serve, and passing on the core values of mission leaders to the next generation of le... Read More

Effective Facility Maintenance (Sheldon Kauffman)

Contributor: Sheldon Kauffman | Length : 52 | File type : Audio

Maintenance volunteers, supervisors and managers play a vital but often overlooked role in making mission and charitable work flow smoothly. Most organizations utilize buildings, equipment and proper... Read More

Being Women of Hospitality (Verna Esh)

Contributor: Verna Esh | Length : 31 | File type : Audio

What qualities are needed to being a good host? In scripture we are told to be hospitable and given examples of individuals who were hospitable. To be a woman of hospitality depends a lot on our attit... Read More