Serving Within Your Strengths (Merle Herr)

Contributor: Merle Herr | Length : 51 | File type : Audio

Have you ever wondered why you are better at some tasks than others? Part of the answer to this question lies in understanding your strengths and weaknesses in work skills. This session teaches how to... Read More

Equipping Servants in High School (Patrick Heatwole)

Contributor: Patrick Heatwole | Length : 46 | File type : Audio

God has blessed us with the opportunity to educate our children in our own schools. With this opportunity comes the responsibility of investing wisely in this resource. How should our schools be relev... Read More

How We Built a Little House

Contributor: Darrell Hershberger | Length : 9 | File type : Video

Darrell wanted his high school boys to learn the basics of trades. How better to do it than to build a tiny house? Best of all, the class decided, would be to build a house for someone in need. I... Read More

Equipping Today’s Student: Shop Class at Countryside, Part Two

Contributor: Howard Lichty | Length : 7 | File type : Video

Students today are less likely than in the past to possess basic handyman skills. This simply reflects the reality of our economy, but the staff and patrons of Countryside Christian School believe the... Read More

What Do We Want High School to Be? Shop Class at Countryside, Part One

Contributor: Howard Lichty | Length : 7 | File type : Video

As Countryside Christian School expanded its high school program, the community realized that not all students would benefit from a purely academic approach. Instead, Howard Lichty was invited to carr... Read More

On Problem Solving

Contributor: John Swartz | File type : Document

Lucien Hall explores techniques for finding answers to math, science, and practical problems. Permission to share via John Swartz. Courtesy John Swartz. Download this document now or read it below... Read More

Testing Standards 101

Contributor: Catforms | File type : Document

A highly informational document will guide you to consider the best ways to use tests in your school. Topics include testing terminology, test items, item formats & standards, the human factor, an... Read More

The Parents’ Expectation of the School

Contributor: Ed Gish | Length : 50 | File type : Audio

What should parents expect of the school? What should a teacher inculcate into students? Ed and the audience discuss skills and habits to aim for in students and school life. Courtesy Teachers'... Read More