Dyslexia: Recognizing and Addressing the Needs of Your Students

Contributor: Robert Heatwole | Length : 40 | File type : Audio

It seems there is something comforting about naming a problem. A doctor's diagnosis is somewhat consoling, even if the remedy may be difficult. Of course the best is when the doctor can prescribe a fe... Read More

To Keep Their Attention, Keep Moving: Ways to Call on Students

Contributor: Denise Martin | Length : 5 | File type : Video

Do your instructional methods keep all of your students engaged? Denise Martin believes that, even during a lecture, each student should be paying attention. She demonstrates and explains several me... Read More

The World of the Exceptional Learner

Contributor: Lynell Nissley | File type : Blog Post

Dyslexia.  ADHD.  ASD.  Learning disabilities.  Intellectual disability.  Special education.  Therapy.  Tutoring.  Diet.  Medicine. Slow learner.  IEP.  Phonological awareness.  Reading co... Read More

Bibliography of Resources for Learning Disabilities

Contributor: Lynell Nissley | File type : Document

Bibliography Canadian Resources Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario. Recommended Practices for Assessment, Diagnosis and Documentation of Learning Disabilities.  Web. Learning Disabilitie... Read More

Resources for The Exceptional Learner

Contributor: Lynell Nissley | File type : Document

The resources on this page were compiled by Lynell Nissley for the use of students in her Faith Builders classes. All Kinds of Minds Learning Framework--one page Parent Toolkit--Read Introduc... Read More