Music: Rediscovering Hymns From the Past

Contributor: Myron Sauder | Length : 61 | File type : Audio

Hymns come in families—hymns of a generation resemble each other. And many times they “grow up,” changing in one way or another before they come to us. Let’s meet some great hymns and their cousin... Read More

Music: Discovering New Hymns for Our Day

Contributor: Myron Sauder | Length : 64 | File type : Audio

The pace of new hymns being published exploded in the late twentieth century and is still expanding today. Discover how these hymns combine tradition with innovation, including some hymns by Mennonite... Read More

Music: Composing for Congregational Singability

Contributor: Myron Sauder | Length : 54 | File type : Audio

Congregational singability requires a melody that delights and harmony that convinces. Concepts and skills for writing successful four-part harmony include chords, cadences, voice leading, and harmoni... Read More

Planning School Devotions for the Year

Contributor: Jonas Sauder | File type : Document

What is the purpose for devotions? Are they another chance to practice your program songs, or a meaningful opportunity for student growth? Jonas shares a list of considerations for planning devotional... Read More

That Golden Routine: The Power of Daily Music Practice

Contributor: Jeff Swanson | Length : 5 | File type : Video

How do you train 6-year-olds to sing well? How do you train high school students? While students' voices mature as they grow older, Jeff encourages teachers to use the same techniques—and expect sim... Read More

Songs and Chants across the Curriculum

Contributor: Becky Bollinger | File type : Teaching Material

With contributions from other teachers, Becky compiled this booklet of songs and chants for use in elementary schools. Use these and modify them to suit your class' needs. Some songs are blocked ou... Read More

Be Sensational: Engaging the Senses to Stimulate Learning

Contributor: Ruth Anna Kuhns | Length : 13 | File type : Video

When students come to your classroom, you teach them to sit quietly and listen to the teacher. But how well can they absorb what they are being taught? Glenda leads a mini-class in which she demonstra... Read More

Stories, Songs, and Show What You Know: Elementary Math Review Techniques

Contributor: Sherri King | Length : 5 | File type : Video

Sherri King demonstrates review techniques as she reviews multiplication tables and temperature scales with her third grade class. As you watch, consider the procedures she has established to allow ... Read More

Prayer Unit

Contributor: Arlene Birt | File type : Teaching Material

An outline of a unit Arlene Birt developed on prayer. Download this document now or read it below.

Saved at Sea “My Hope is Built” Hymn

Contributor: Betty Yoder | File type : Teaching Material

The lyrics of "My Hope is Built on Nothing Less--On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand" used for studying Saved at Sea by O F Walton. Download this document now or read it below. ... Read More