The Russian Mennonite Story: The Bitter End

Contributor: Chester Weaver | File type : Curricular

Thousands upon thousands of Russian Mennonites perished in Russia from 1917 until the 1980s. Summary of the six turbulent times The Civil War of 1917 – 1920 and the famine of 1921 – 1922 ... Read More

Get in the Way of Evil

Contributor: Val Yoder | Length : 49 | File type : Audio

Our world is ridden with darkness of all kinds. What is a Christian to do? Val urges us to place ourselves in harm's way to build the kingdom.

Nonresistance and the Gospel

Contributor: Stephen Russell | Length : 54 | File type : Audio

As Christendom disintegrates around us, we Anabaptists have a unique opportunity to awaken other Christians to the truth of nonresistance and to point enquirers (seekers) to a more holistic understand... Read More

Take the Basin and the Towel

Contributor: Gerald Miller | Length : 4 | File type : Video

What is your task as a teacher? The responsibilities you bear may seem overwhelming, but Gerald reminds us that our purpose is to humbly apply our learning and effort to serving the church. View or... Read More