June, July, August, and the Student

Contributor: Carolyn Martin | File type : Blog Post

School is out. The students have closed their books and taken the last tests. The books have all been sent back to the school house. It’s time to forget math and language and reading for a few m... Read More

My Vision for My Students

Contributor: Samuel Stoltzfus | File type : Article

Samuel shares a plethora ideas for emotionally and intellectually healthy activities for upper elementary students. Now that school is over for the year and summer lies ahead, my students have ... Read More

Refreshments Will Be Served

Contributor: Arlene Birt | File type : Blog Post

 “Refreshments will be served.”  Sometimes we hear this announced in regards to a meeting or event.  Refreshments are not something I’m very good at. I don’t always think ahead, or I wonder... Read More

Summer Thoughts

Contributor: Betty Yoder | File type : Blog Post

I love being out of school!  A more flexible schedule ranks high on my list of joys.  What delight to encounter the many things that could and and should and would (want) to be done with the fre... Read More

Summer Reading for History Teachers

Contributor: Peter Goertzen | File type : Blog Post

My last blog post was about the importance of reading. In this post, I’ll suggest some books that you might profitably read this summer. But first I have a few rules for reading. Prioritize b... Read More

Why You Need to Read Books

Contributor: Peter Goertzen | File type : Blog Post

I know you scarcely have time to even think about reading. Start thinking about reading anyhow. Summer’s coming, and maybe you can make some time then. You need to, and here’s why. 1. You can... Read More