Contributor: Susanna Nolt | File type : Teaching Material

Grades 2-8 learn about Pointillism, a form of painting that uses dots instead of smooth brush strokes. Students make their own pointillistic picture using markers. Lesson PlanPowerPointRu... Read More

Helping Students Grasp a Concept with Air Punctuation

Contributor: Ruth Anna Kuhns | Length : 4 | File type : Video

Do your students struggle to remember commas, periods, and capital letters? Ruth Anna demonstrates a memorable kinesthetic method for reinforcing basic punctuation concepts.... Read More

Helping Struggling Readers

Contributor: Karen Yoder | Length : 5 | File type : Video

How do you help your struggling readers to gain confidence and proficiency? Martha Stoltzfus and Karen Yoder share their techniques. Martha suggests: 1. Writing stories on the board to help stud... Read More

Teaching Elementary History

Contributor: Melvin Burkholder | Length : 100 | File type : Audio

Why should we teach history to elementary students? Melvin encourages schools to train for competency, and discusses benchmarks for social studies learning in grades 1-6.

Brainstorming Blurb

Contributor: Shalom Mennonite School | File type : Teaching Material

A simple mindmap organizer to aid students in the brainstorming process.Download this document now or read it below.... Read More