Never Give the Answer: Struggling Together to Understanding

Contributor: Spencer Weaver | Length : 6 | File type : Video

"I can't do this. This is dumb."If your students keep getting stuck and needing the teacher's help, they are at risk of negative attitudes about themselves or their learning. But Spencer encourage... Read More


Contributor: Susanna Nolt | File type : Teaching Material

Grades 2-8 learn about Pointillism, a form of painting that uses dots instead of smooth brush strokes. Students make their own pointillistic picture using markers. Lesson PlanPowerPointRu... Read More

Helping Students Grasp a Concept with Air Punctuation

Contributor: Ruth Anna Kuhns | Length : 4 | File type : Video

Do your students struggle to remember commas, periods, and capital letters? Ruth Anna demonstrates a memorable kinesthetic method for reinforcing basic punctuation concepts.... Read More

Helping Struggling Readers

Contributor: Karen Yoder | Length : 5 | File type : Video

How do you help your struggling readers to gain confidence and proficiency? Martha Stoltzfus and Karen Yoder share their techniques. Martha suggests: 1. Writing stories on the board to help stud... Read More

Teaching Elementary History

Contributor: Melvin Burkholder | Length : 100 | File type : Audio

Why should we teach history to elementary students? Melvin encourages schools to train for competency, and discusses benchmarks for social studies learning in grades 1-6.

Brainstorming Blurb

Contributor: Shalom Mennonite School | File type : Teaching Material

A simple mindmap organizer to aid students in the brainstorming process.Download this document now or read it below.... Read More