Building Writing Skills

Contributor: Anna Zehr | Length : 57 | File type : Audio

How can we prepare our students for the academic writings skills they will need to use in the upper grades? This breakout will offer tools for teaching students to write sentences, paragraphs, and rep... Read More

Shepherding Adolescents

Contributor: Howard Bean | Length : 49 | File type : Audio

Adolescence: a time of change. How can we shepherd the adolescents in our care as we are cared for by our shepherd?

Laying a Solid Pre-School Foundation

Contributor: Jonas Sauder | File type : Document

How should parents prepare their children for school (and life in general)? How does a school assess whether a child is ready to enroll in first grade? Jonas offers this list of preparation goals. ... Read More

School of Infancy

Contributor: John Amos Comenius | File type : Book

Comenius bases his essay on three premises: 1. The preciousness of the treasure which God bestows on them to whom He entrusts the pledges of life. 2. To what end or purpose He confers those pledges, a... Read More