2018 Survey Results: Identifying the Educators

Other titles that received one mention each: AOP, ARTiculations, BCE, Betty Lukens, Copp Clark, Demme, Foundational, Foundational Math, Geraldine Koehn’s music books, Globe Book Co., Grace Press, Hake Publishers, IEW, Journeys with God, local, Memoria, Moyer Music, Positive Action Bible Curriculum, Purposeful Design, School Aid, Social Studies Alive!, stuff teachers make up, Teaching Textbooks, Wordly Wise, WWPPS, Zaner-Bloser, and “a few others not on this list.

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Lucas Hilty

6 years ago

You’re right–I’ve updated the post. Thanks, James!

James A Goering II

6 years ago

Perhaps I’m missing something, but isn’t the resource with the most “ample” responses textbooks and curriculum, while parent participation is “limited”?

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