A Prayer for Our Students

Lord, we admit that sometimes we are terrified as we gaze into all those young faces gathered before us and see eternity written there.

This world is a frightening place, fraught with danger; and here we are, entrusted with the crucial task of equipping young minds and hearts to face those dangers with fortitude.

We are preparing these small ships to sail the great, wild ocean, and sometimes we wonder how these frail vessels can keep from capsizing in those tremendous waves.

Yet, as we confess our insufficiency for this task, we embrace your all-sufficiency. We may teach and guide, but You alone are able to change hearts.

You are the faithful, gentle Shepherd. Lead these young ones to the green pastures where they will find true sustenance.

Rescue them from their own selfishness. Make them miserable in every endeavor that would draw their hearts away from You. Relentlessly thwart all their efforts to find purpose apart from You.

Let them refuse to be satisfied with mediocrity. Stir in them a holy discontentment. Let them ask hard questions and be willing to search out the answers. Let them run after worthwhile pursuits with diligence and excellence.

Grant them grace to serve “the least of these.” Enable them with commitment to serve faithfully, not only in prominent, public spaces; but most of all in the quiet, hidden places where they receive no recognition.

The path before them may be dark and dangerous. Prepare them for all that lies ahead. Help them to be persistent in difficulty, patient in adversity, strong in temptation. Keep their feet on the narrow way, and let them always be quick to follow your footsteps.

Build in them a passion to be dedicated workers in Your kingdom. Let them find abundant joy in doing the creative work of showing your ways of love and peace to the world. May they rise up to be men and women who will effectively lead the next generation.

We pray that each one may be faithful to the end; and that together, one glad day, we may walk the streets of the New Jerusalem.


Photo by Jonathan J. Castellon on Unsplash


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