Operation Raven: A Shutdown Letter to Patrons


Photo by CDC on Unsplash Schools around the globe have been scrambling to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic. In his letter to patrons, Kendall calls us to live in light of the enduring, sustaining presence of God.

March 19, 2020

Dear Parents:

Most of us can think back to experiences in our lives that stand out in our memory with special clarity: JFK’s assassination, Apollo 11, Sept. 11, 2001…and I suppose that our children will look back on this event with a similar clarity regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on society.  Truly, this is a unique and memorable experience for most of us.  And while the normal routines of life for us have been interrupted for a period of time, life must go on, and here at school we want to do what we can to minimize the interruption to our students’ education so that the long-term impact of this crisis will not be severe.

These circumstances call for us to move forward with courage and humility.  Courage to face the challenges and do everything we can to overcome them, and humility to acknowledge that we cannot see into the future and always know what exact course will have the best results.  Most of all, we need a steady trust in God and a reliance on His strength and grace.  It will take work and sacrifices on everyone’s part, but I trust that we can work together as a community to support our children’s learning and development during this shutdown.

Our goal during this shutdown is to ensure that the students maintain the knowledge and skills that they have acquired up to this point in the school year and to keep them moving forward academically at a modified, yet steady pace.

We realize that working from home has both its challenges and its opportunities.  Here are few suggestions for how to support your children in their work:

  • Maintain a regular structure and schedule. Sticking to your normal school morning schedule may be your best option.  This will help your children stay in “work mode” as opposed to “vacation mode.”  Have a definite time and place to do school work.  Plan regular breaks—this will help your children work harder and better while they are working.
  • Stay organized. Each child needs a place where books and supplies belong.  All work should go straight into their assignments folder when they are completed.
  • Stay current each day. Don’t let one day’s assignments drag into the next day.  We also ask that students do not work ahead in their books unless a teacher has given special permission for that.
  • Provide accountability. Before signing off on the day’s assignments, look over them to ensure that they are done completely and accurately.
  • Encourage your child to call his or her teacher when there is a problem or question. The teachers want to do what they can to provide support during this time.

When Elijah was “quarantined” at the Cherith brook, God used a raven to supply his daily sustenance.  We’ve decided to call this hybrid system of schooling Project Raven, as it is our prayer that it will provide the daily educational sustenance for our children.

God bless you and your family!

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