Cook/Domestics Person

Hampden Christian School is a mission school in Baltimore, MD, serving middle-class families and children ages infant – 8th grade. We are needing a cook to start in August. Cook/Domestics Our cook maintains the kitchen and prepares and serves lunch for 50- 60 people daily, plus breakfast and snacks. The cook is able to circulate throughout the building and serve almost everyone in the school daily. This person typically cleans in the afternoons, and spends 1-2 hours in a daycare classroom giving breaks to the teachers. The cooking is relatively easy. You are heating and serving mostly frozen food. Consider the following: written by Ms. Judy, our current cook/domestics person. A day largely consists of giving breakfast and snacks, preparing and serving lunch, washing dishes, cleaning, doing laundry some days, and being in the infant room a small part of the day. Why should someone consider this job?  A big advantage of this job is you are able to know who all the children are, and they know who you are too! You are a hero to many kids! I love when the children are happy when I bring them food, and I love to hear them when they thank me for it. What are some disadvantages?  You don’t have any children to call your “own.”  You don’t have as much interaction with children as a teacher would. “The cook is a very comforting person to us teachers and very important to the kids as well. She kind of holds us together in tangible and intangible ways (sort of like God, to a much lesser degree. Like being Jesus to us. 🙂 Things just feel kind of unstable when the regular person isn’t cooking.” -quote from a teacher

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